From time-to-time, Deerfield Farm will cross-breed a Newfoundland stallion with a Canadian Horse mare. This pairing produces a strong, athletic, quiet, refined 14.2 hand high offspring, perfect for cross-country, hunter, jumper and eventing mounts. These crosses have excellent feet and legs that stand up well under the most strenuous use. Perfect for ladies and junior riders.

National Unity, the first ever Newfoundland Pony-Canadian Horse cross.

National Unity (photo: Blake Combden)

Sire: Vinland’s Viking -Newfoundland Pony Bay Roan 13 hh
Dam: Deerfield Yukon Faith – Black 14.3 hh
Colour: Blue Roan
Height: 14.2 hh
Age: 2

“Unity” has the confirmation of a small Canadian horse and the colour of a Newfoundland Pony. “Unity” is a first! Although these distinct breeds have been on Canadian soil for some 350 years this is the first time they have been crossed. The Canadian horse represents the equine stock used by the people of New France (Quebec). While the Newfoundland Pony evolved from ponies brought by British / Irish settlers to the New World. As such, both of these distinctive breeds represent the two founding peoples of our country from an era when the horse / pony played an essential role in the development of this nation. Given his background, “Unity” represents a merging of the “two solitudes”.

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