Deerfield Farm’s Newfoundland Ponies and Canadian Horses have been featured in print, on television and on radio.

Books and Magazines

Still Crazy for Horses, Karen Briggs, Shawn Hamilton, Scholastic Canada Ltd, 2001. See photos of Vinland’s Viking on pages 26-27 in the section featuring the Newfoundland pony.

ChickaDEE, Horses Issue. March 2001. See a picture of Vinland’s Viking on page 15, representing the Newfoundland Pony within the horse family.

Equine Canada, Official Journal of the Equine Research Centre, Vol 3, No. 1, 2000. Photos of Deerfield’s Burin Prince p. 13, and Salmon Cove Molly, p. 14.

Understanding the Pony: Your Guide to Horse Health Care and Management, Karen Briggs, 2000. See photo of Jasmine de Joie and Deerfield’s Tuckamore Tom on page 70.

Canadian Geographic, Sharon Oosthoek. Rock Hardy. July/August 1998, Pp. 44-48.


The Hamilton Spectator, Mike Hanley. Canadian gives birth to National Unity: Breeder keeps heritage lines alive. Friday, June 30, 2000, p. A4. A story about the first ever Newfoundland Pony – Canadian Horse cross.

The Hamilton Spectator, Kate Barlow. The ‘little iron horses.’ Saturday February 13, 1999, p. C10. An article about the significance of the Canadian Horse to Canadian history.

The Hamilton Spectator. The nation owes a debt to this gutsy fellow. Saturday February 13, 1999, p. C10. An article about the role of the Canadian horse in Canada’s early social and economic development.

Country Roads, Dorothy Pederson. Newfoundland Pony Breeder helps to preserve Canada’s heritage. September 1999, p. 7. A profile of the importance of the Deerfield Farm breeding program.

Burlington Post, Melanie Brooks. Less than 140 Left: Newfoundland Ponies on the Brink. November 27, 1996, p. A12.

The Chronicle-Herald, Halifax, NS. Mark McNeil. Ontario Breeder sets goal to help save Nfld. pony. Thursday October 31, 1996, p. D8.

The Province, BC, New Law to Protect All Rare Species. Thursday October 31, 1996, p. A15. A story about Deerfield Farm’s mission to preserve the Newfoundland Pony.

The Hamilton Spectator, Mark McNeil. Ponies Get Another Chance. Wednesday, October 23, 1996, p. 1.


The Horse, Deerfield Farm Newfoundland Ponies and Canadian Horses, featured in 6 part series on the history of our relationship with and passion for horses – featuring now on satellite stations across Canada and the US.

The Discovery Channel, Animal Tracks. Feature documentary about Deerfield Farm’s efforts to save the Newfoundland Pony breed. First aired March 1999.

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